Hands-on: Turbo Containers

turblo-logoThe application container technology promises to change the way that IT operations are carried out just as virtualization technology did a few years previously. Thanks to my fellow MVP Rory Monaghan I had the opportunity to try out Turbo which is a software virtualization and container technology. So I decided that have a go with Turbo and in this blog post I will share my hands-on experience.

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Visual Studio Online build version increment

visual-studio-online-logoI’m currently using Visual Studio Online for my tooling and I was searching for a way to increment the build version for my solution. After searching the internet I found the following blog post which I applied, but for some reason it was not working as expected. I’m not using a default version format and this was causing the build to fail. In this blog post I’m going to share how I fixed it. Continue reading

Reduce time in collecting metrics with PPD

Performance metrics are the most valuable metrics to have during performance testing or capacity testing of a VDI environment. If you talk with people that do a lot of these test they always recommend to collect extra data like VMware ESXtop or Microsoft Performance Monitor. But I encountered always a problem. These files are extreme large and that is a problem when opening with Microsoft Excel. In this blog post I’m going to explain how the tool PPD can help you reducing the time for collecting these important metrics.

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How performance optimizations can break App-V

App-V-LogoPerformance optimizations in VDI is a hot topic these days especially with the introduction of Windows 10. According to various sources there are major disk performance difference which effect the overall user experience. So this will result that performance optimizations in VDI become more important. But applying optimizations also has a down side. In this blog post I will share how performance optimizations can break App-V.

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