Scaling Development Teams with Pivotal Tracker

pivotal-logoScaling your development capacity can result in having multiple Development Teams. When using Scrum, the intent is to have one Product Owner managing one Product Backlog. With multiple Development Teams working on the same product, each Development Team has their own Sprint Backlog that they commit to for the duration of the iteration – the Sprint.

In turned out that Pivotal Tracker is not supporting this out of the box – One Product Backlog, multiple Sprint Backlogs. In this blog post I’m going to share how to organize Pivotal Tracker to support multiple Development Teams working on one Product Backlog.

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TeamCity Build Music

With development multiple builds are started during the day. I noticed that I’m not sure if a build is still running and I’m forced to look into the web interface or ask a colleague. To get the attention when build is running I have created a PowerShell script that will start music when a build is started in TeamCity. This will notify the entire team a build is running and if the build is successful or has failed. In this blog post I will share how to use the TeamCity API to start music awesome build music.

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Generating release notes with Pivotal Tracker

pivotal-logoWhen developing a product it is common to create release notes when there is an update of the product. Creating these release notes can be a time consuming process which is depending on the amount of user stories that are delivered. It is common that Agile Project Management solutions like Pivotal Tracker has an API that can be used to retrieve information. In this blog post I will explain how the API of Pivotal Tracker can be used to generate release notes in an Excel sheet.

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