Terraform 101 tip: element function

27 Aug 2021
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

In the last couple of months, my day-to-day work involves a lot working with Terraform. Now sometimes there are features or functions which are not described clearly. Therefore introducing 101 tips, a series sharing some tips that might help you. ...

LoadGen automation using PowerShell

30 Jun 2021
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Automation is key when performing a lot of LoadGen tests. Using the automation ensure consistency and will reduce time. At GO-EUC automation is heavily used to continuously execute LoadGen performance tests. This blog post will share how to start ...

Releasing an Azure DevOps artifact on GitHub releases

29 May 2021
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

When distributing software there are multiple options to achieve this. It can be provided via the website, using a cloud storage solution, using GitHub, etc. GitHub is a very common location to share the source code and releases, but it can also b...

Terraform & Ansible: Better Together

30 Apr 2021
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Over the last couple of months, a lot of my time has been defining technology stacks for multiple projects. Many organizations are in the middle of the DevOps transition and looking for guidance in selecting the right technology stack. This blog p...

Top 5 challenges of DevOps in End User Computing (EUC)

29 Mar 2021
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

An ever increasing among of organizations are moving to a DevOps way of working. More often than not, this comes with challenges for both organizations and employees alike. This blog post will cover the top 5 challenges of the DevOps transition in...

Increase the success rate of Azure DevOps pipelines using Pester

27 Feb 2021
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

With the increase in Azure DevOps usage, more and more EUC environments are being deployed using pipelines. In the EUC environments, PowerShell is the primary scripting language to get these deployments automated. By using Pester the quality of th...

Automated Citrix Microapp deployment with Azure DevOps

07 Jan 2021
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk
Eltjo van Gulik

With the fast changing pace of technology, it is important to stay in control and avoid lagging behind in terms of adopting new technology. Nowadays for many modern organizations, drafting up a DevOps focused mindset and strategy is the way to go....

Should you invest in a multi-cloud strategy?

30 Nov 2020
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Should you invest in a multi-cloud strategy? Many organizations are transitioning to the cloud but why bet on a single horse? This question came up during a major outage at AWS that hit North America last week? This blog post will investigate some...

Remote Display Analyzer automation tips & tricks

14 Aug 2020
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Recently a new version of Remote Display Analyzer has been released that contains a lot of improvements and new features. But did you know Remote Display Analyzer is a super powerful tool in performance testing? In this blog post, I will share som...

Moved away from WordPress to GitHub pages

12 Jul 2020
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

It took me some time to move all the posts, but it has been done. Goodby WordPress and hello Github pages! Other the last 10 years Logit Blog has been hosted on a small hosting provider in the Netherlands running WordPress. On my site I have exper...


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