EUC - State of the Union 2018 results are here!

25 May 2018 by Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk






EUC - State of the Union 2018 results are here!

Today VDI Like A Pro released the results of the End User Computing (EUC) State of the Union 2018 survey. These are results collected from a worldwide survey all about the EUC workspace. This information is very valuable to see where the market is heading. In this blog post, I will share some interesting results and the reason this survey is important for me.

About the survey

Before we go to some results I want to provide credits to the authors of this publication. This survey is released by VDI Like a PRO which is an independent research organization which has started this survey back in 2013. This initiative is driven by Ruben Spruijt, CTO at Frame and Mark Plettenberg, Senior Product Manager at Login VSI. Both Frame and Login VSI actively support Ruben and Mark but are not involved in the publication. This way the survey is fully independent and unbiased. As always, great job guys!

Some interesting EUC results

There are a ton of results in this survey but I have selected a couple that I find very interesting. First, it is important to understand the scale. As mentioned this survey has been shared worldwide with many responses. This year over 750 people participated and took on average less than 13 minutes to complete all questions. As the majority of the response is from the United States, The Netherlands is well represented on the second place.

It’s interesting to see that for both VDI as SBC environments the VMware hypervisor is still dominating well over 50%.



Looking at the implemented solution (session broker) for both VDI as SBC it’s the other way around. Here Citrix is the most implemented solution to deliver the desktop/apps.



I find it shocking there is still over 23% using Citrix XenApp 6.x or older while this is going to be “end of life” by 30th of June. More information about the product lifecycle can be found here.

This year is the rise of Windows 10. As the operating system is out since 2015 the adoption in the corporate environment has been slow. This has all the do with the updating/release strategy from Microsoft. Since the extended support is currently active for Windows 7 many organizations are moving to Windows 10. More information about the product lifecycle can be found here. The following chart is the based on VDI environments.

Most organization are using a user environment management (UEM) solution. The the main vendor, Citrix, Microsoft and VMware are 76% used compared to 3rd party solutions like Ivanti (AppSense and RES), FSlogix and Liquidware.

Deployment and maintenance of master images should be hands off. There are multiple community people writing great guides or even provide solutions! As there is a big improvement compared to previous years there is still 21% who are doing updates manually.

Application virtualization provides flexibility to quickly deliver applications to the end users. Even when there is minimal innovation in the product Microsoft App-V it is still primarily used. The biggest competitor to App-V is no virtualization at all. Over the years more applications are less conflicting which drops the need for isolation. As creating virtual packages is still a big investment it makes sense people are dropping application virtualization.

There is a lot of debate if you need a GPU using Windows 10. More and more applications are graphics accelerated which drives the demand for GPU resources. The survey shows NVIDIA is clearly dominating this domain but the main competitor is not using a GPU at all.

It is interesting to see the majority is not sure or not introducing a public cloud for Remote applications / Desktop as a Service. Based on these results Microsoft Azure is the leader in this domain (for the EUC people).

Looking at the community there are multiple sites to get the latest news where Twitter is still the most popular. It’s a great way to keep up to date and I use it every day.


Again, thanks to Ruben Spruijt and Mark Plettenberg for their investment in gathering all these results. The results of this survey are very valuable for me as an IT Consultant. It provides me guidance in the EUC market trends which allows adjusting my personal investments. The results published in this blog are just a couple of many other interesting results. You can download the survey from the VDI Like a PRO website right here. What do you think of these results and are those also valuable for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk
Written by Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Ryan is currently a Technical Evangelist at RawWorks focused on the End-User Computing area. Ryan is primarily focusing on the user experience in centralized desktop environments.


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