Login Consultants releases App-V ADMX v1.0

13 Apr 2011 by Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk



Login Consultants releases App-V ADMX v1.0

Having a healthy application virtualization infrastructure platform involves configuring the App-V client with the appropriate settings. Today there are two main ways of configuring the client, either during the initial client installation process or afterwards.

Benefit of configuring the client during installation is that the client is fully operational in the shortest amount of time and can be used directly after the installation. Configuration can be done through one of the many command line parameters. If command line configuration is not preferred, settings can also be captured in a Microsoft Transform file (MST) and applied to the original installation.

The downside however to applying your setting at installation time is that is does not cover changing any of the configuration items after initial deployment. Configuration changes like additional user permissions, a different client log level or advanced communication configuration are very likely to change during the life cycle of the App-V client.

Login Consultants has delivered additional configuration methods since the early days of SoftGrid and continued to do so through means of Group Policy ADM add-on when Microsoft officially released an ADM template for App-V 4.5 because that template didn’t cover all settings. App-V Group Policy ADM templates allow administrators to centrally manage settings of the App-V client through Group Policy Objects. If you want an overview on which settings can be managed by which template be sure to check out this great article by Login Consultants’ Falko Graefe.

Although ADM templates bring great benefits to administrating the client configuration, they have been replaced (or upgraded if you will) by ADMX and ADML templates since Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Since we see most of our customers are (at least) running these operating system versions, shouldn’t we be using the administrative tooling that come with those versions?

That’s what Ruben Koene thought, which is why he created the first App-V Client ADMX template which is available from the Login Consultants website today.

Ruben was very familiar with the settings that can be managed through the ADM template because he was the creator of the current add-on ADM template. Since ADMX files are structured in a very different way, he had to migrate the original template to the new structure setting by setting.

More information can be found at Softgridblog.

Download the App-V ADMX v1.0 at Login Consultants (registration is required).

(source Softgridblog.)

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