Login VSI 3.5 is available!

23 Nov 2011 by Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk


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Login VSI 3.5 is available!

Login Consultants released Login VSI 3.5. The update offers new analysis and comparison possibilities and simplifies usage and deployment even further.

Jeroen van de Kamp, CTO Login Consultants said:

Login VSI is developed specifically for (vendor) independent benchmarking of virtualized desktop infrastructures and is becoming the worldwide industry standard for testing SBC and VDI environments. Almost every large vendor uses Login VSI for research and development in their laboratory. This encouraged us to enhance Login VSI with more options to gain detailed test results”.

Please note: This is a personal blog and  not an official Login VSI blog post.

Here are the release notes of Login VSI 3.5

The Launcher has been improved in many ways:
  • Zero Footprint Launcher: It is no longer required to install Login VSI locally on every launcher because it is now possible to run the launcher from the central VSIshare.
  • Pre/ post actions: Configure Login VSI to perform tests and actions automatically before and after tests.
  • Command Line Usage Console: The command line option in the Login VSI console enables to start fully automated test cycles.
  • Pause Test: It is now possible to pause a test.
  • Improved load balancing of session initiation in parallel mode.
  • Encryption of logfiles.
The Target offers several improvements:
  • New workload Mash up mechanism has been improved: Workload mash up offers a more realistic user behavior.
  • Logging: Debug logging contains more detail.
  • Session Reporting: A session reports when it is successfully completed.
  • Automatic Workload Reset: When a workload session is stuck, Login VSI will automatically reset this specific session.
RemoteFX Host Performance Counter Support:
This new feature gives insight in the GPU bottlenecks, issues on the RemoteFX protocol level, and insight into the performance on both virtual machine level and hypervisor level.
The Analyzer has been dramatically enhanced:
  • Scatter Chart: This new addition to the analyzer will help visualize trends during the test and allows to sort data on number of users and time.
  • Full Support for Custom Performance Matrix: allows to include unlimited number of custom performance data.
  • Compare Wizard: The new Compare Wizard enables to merge data from multiple tests in one chart to help visualize differences between tests.
  • Zoom and Pan: The new zoom and Pan feature allows to zoom into the Login VSI chart to view the detailed results of the test.
  • Command Line Usage Analyzer: The new command line option in the Analyzer enables to fully automate the process of analysis of data.

More information can be found here. Try the new version of Login VSI for free and download the trail here.

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