The Modern Workspace by FRAME

29 Apr 2018 by Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk



The Modern Workspace by FRAME

What is going to be the modern workspace? The fact is we are going to deal with legacy applications for a long time especially in larger enterprises. But what is the modern workspace and are there ways to already move towards a modern workspace? In this blog post, I will share my thoughts on a modern workspace and take a closer look at FRAME.

My vision of a modern workspace

Everything is about the applications so you can be productive and efficient. A modern workspace needs provide the agility to work from different places, scaling to handle the demand and device independent. Now, this doesn’t sound really modern and already exists in solutions like Citrix and VMware. But both those solutions require computing resources and skills to implement. I think a modern application is Web-based that provide flexibility, can be used everywhere and scales with your organization. A downside of using multiple web services is they are everywhere, so a modern workspace will centralize all those apps and services in a single interface.

The workspace by Frame

For those who don’t know Frame, Frame is an easy, secure cloud platform that let organizations deliver software-defined workspaces to users on all connected devices. All you need is a browser and there is no client software required. So this means you can deliver software or legacy desktop applications from the cloud in a web browser. In short, you are web enabling a legacy application. Now Frame is not only focusing on legacy applications but also on GPU intensive apps. Delivering those applications requires some serious power and an excellent protocol. I recorded a small clip to show my experience with Frame.

All the available applications and web-apps are grouped in the launchpad. This way there is a single interface where a user can get access to all their apps and services. This can even take one step further by fully integrating into Microsoft Office 365. Using an existing workspace and enable it with legacy apps provided by Frame.

Getting started with Frame

Getting started with Frame is really simple, just create an account and within 30 minutes you are ready to go. You don’t need high technical skills to implement different controllers or interface, this is all done by Frame. It’s fully automated into Azure or AWS and during my introduction, I did not even saw the interface in Azure. Because it is built on top of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure you can deliver your applications worldwide.

For more information or to get a demo please visit the website.


A modern workspace is web-based, application and services only from a single workspace that can be used everywhere. The fact is we are dependent on legacy applications which makes it difficult for existing organization move forwards towards a modern workspace. Using solutions like Citrix, VMware or Frame you can web-enable legacy application. One big advantage using Frame it does not require high technical skills to set up and is fully automated into Azure and AWS. This way you can focus on what is important, which are the apps. For me, Frame is one step closer towards the modern workspace and is an elegant way to deliver legacy applications. But I see a future without these solutions and as it becomes all real web applications and services. What is your vision of the modern workspace? Let me known in the comments!

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Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk
Written by Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

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