GAP-IT is a free tool which has the ability to provide an administrator extra insight in the App-V 5.0 publishing times. These times are reported per individual package which is useful information for further package optimizations.

It comes with functionality to scan through the Windows Event Log searching for the publishing and package events. Based on these events the publishing times can be calculated. In order to resolve the package name and version the App-V management server API is used. This functionality is optional and the a package name can be manually assigned.

Where can I download it?

Type Version MD5 Hash
Stable 1.0.17125.2 d6cdeb822d7c9ad3148886cc135022c2
Develop 0.0.17283.2 546e7625b2e0a31dcfb40ca207f9dd6a


  • Microsoft App-V 5.0 full streaming environment
  • App-V Client 5.0
  • .NET 4.5

How do I use GAP-IT?

This section will describe how to use the tool.

Description Screenshot
Extract the executable from the zip and run GAP-IT.exe  run-gap-it
Select the date for collect all the publishing events, please be aware selecting a longer time period will increase loading time  select-date-gap-it
Resolve the package name  enebale-resolve-gap-it
Select the protocol  select-protocol-gap-it
Provide the address of the App-V management server  provide-address-gap-it
Configure the port of the App-V management server  configure-port-gap-it
Click the "Collect data" button to collect the app-v publishing data  loading-gap-it
After the results are collect the charts will be displayed  data-gap-it


This section will describe where the settings are stored.

Description Screenshot
The setting are stored within the registry and can be found in:“HKCU\Software\Logitblog\GAP-IT”  registry-gap-it
All collected packages are saved within the registry and the package name can be renamed to user friendly name  registry-package-gap-it
Edit the registry entry and adjust the package name[package name]/[version]  registry-package-edit-gap-it
Collect the results the new package name is applied  packagename-change-gap-it

Feedback or ideas

If you have any feedback on the tool please feel free to get in contact with me. I’m always open to new ideas or ways to improve the tool. Provide feedback by sending me an email to ryan[at] or provide it in the comments below.


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