MDT Storage Driver not found on VMware


When a reference image is up to date with the latest Windows updates, the deployment time will decrease tremendously. Trond Eirik Haavarstein has written an excellent blog post on how to create a reference image with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). During my deployment in a VMware environment, I encountered the following error:…

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Agile methodology in Enterprise IT


Agile is common within software development but not often used in Enterprise IT. But Agile is as much applicable on Enterprise IT as software development. The definition of Agile is “quick and well-coordinated in movement”. Adapting to changes around you, which in Enterprise IT can be a hassle. This blog post will…

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Change VMware vGPU settings with PowerShell


Within larger organizations, centralized desktop with graphical performance is becoming a common use case. When building these of environments performance testing is crucial to get optimal user experience. During testing, it can occur you have to change the vGPU settings. Within this blog post, I will share a script that helps you change GPU…

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