Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award

MVP_Logo_Avatar_Secondary_Blue286_RGB_300ppiI’m pleased to share I received Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award.

I want to thank my friend Ment van der Plas who joined the Project VRC team for the App-V research. We created a plan during TechED 2013 in Madrid, and now can say our plan was well executed. Thank you Ment in believing in my ambitions which included presenting at Microsoft TechED.

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Detect App-V publishing timed out

App-V-LogoDuring the European App-V User Group 2015 I presented a session about a new product called Login PI. This session was all about how to use Login PI to monitor the user experience and availability of App-V delivered applications. This presentation will be published in the upcoming weeks. In the product demo I used a script to verify if publishing has timed out. Within this blog post I will share how to check if the App-V publishing has timed out with powershell.

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App-V is not publishing

App-V-LogoDuring Project VRC phase 7 we noticed some issues with publishing by App-V 5.0 Hotfix 4. Somehow App-V was not publishing during logon which is very strange. After some troubleshooting we found the root cause and shared this with the product team. With the release of Hotfix 5 I checked if this was solved, but to my surprise it was not. Within this blog post I will explain what is causing this issue and how to solve it.

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