Get App-V 5.x Publishing Time with Powershell

App-V-LogoWhen publishing App-V 5.x applications it is interesting to know how long it takes to publish all applications. I needed this information during a large scale test to get a better understanding of the impact on the user experience. I also wanted to know if the publishing time increases when more users are active. This information can be used to optimize the publishing time and eventually the user experience.

In this blog post I will share a powershell function that can get the App-V publishing time on a remote specific machine.

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App-V Application Service Issue

During sequencing of an application I received an error about the services (App-V Sequencer 4.6). The installer of the application installs a service that is required for the application. Normally the installer starts the service and continues the installation but this time the following error message occurred.

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Importing App-V apps in SCCM with Powershell

With the SCCM 2007 R2 release Microsoft delivers a VBScript to import and manage App-V applications. Because the limitations I wrote the import part in Powershell. The following script is only to import an App-V application and does not create a Collection or Advertisement.

To import an App-V application the following parameters are required.

$App = The App-V sequence name based on the directory name.
$Site = SCCM Site
$smsShare = The share of the SCCM server to copy the application to.
$AppShare = The share where the application is located.
$SCCMServer = SCCM Server Name.

Param($App, $Build, $Site, $smsShare, $AppShare, $SCCMServer)

The following function is to add the icon in SCCM.

Function Icon-Handeling

$Obj = New-Object -ComObject ADODB.Stream
$Obj.Type = 1

Set-Variable -Name IconData -Value $Obj.Read() -Scope 2

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