Continuous Integration: Test Quantity versus Build Duration

Test quantity vs build speed

Continuous Integration describes many guidelines, but the description is often a bit vague. Therefore, CI practitioners often run into problems, like massive test suites that only slow the development process down or a test suite testing wrong parts of the software. This blog post researches the relation between test quantity and build duration. Finally, some new guidelines are suggested.

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Get App-V 5.x Publishing Time with Powershell

App-V-LogoWhen publishing App-V 5.x applications it is interesting to know how long it takes to publish all applications. I needed this information during a large scale test to get a better understanding of the impact on the user experience. I also wanted to know if the publishing time increases when more users are active. This information can be used to optimize the publishing time and eventually the user experience.

In this blog post I will share a powershell function that can get the App-V publishing time on a remote specific machine.

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The 12 steps of Continuous Integration

continuous-integrationA startup always starts with a good idea. A few people got an idea and are so eager about it that they want to give it a chance. After doing some research they find out that the idea, an application, is indeed a one-of-a-kind and it’s potentially sellable. The group starts programming and within two months the first version of the application is released. The community is reacting enthusiastic on the trial version of the software and there are already some buyers. The contacts with the community are good and bugs are fixed almost immediately. Meanwhile, a lot of new ideas are popping up and the application is evolving. The project members are popping champagne bottles and celebrate… too early. In this blog post I will tell you all about continuous integration which will get your software to the next level.

A lot of startups with potential are celebrating their succes too early…

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