Citrix ICA Visual Quality profiles research by ICT-R

20 Sep 2018
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Last week a new community platform called ICT-R published a detailed performance research regarding the Citrix ICA Visual Quality profiles. I decided to share some highlights from the research in this blog post. For all the details I recommend to ...

Remote Display Analyzer Logging with Login VSI

29 Aug 2018
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

With the new release of Remote Display Analyzer, the logging functionality has been added. This is very valuable when performing user load tests with Login VSI. In this blog post, I will share how to integrate Remote Display Analyzer in a Login VS...

My thoughts on Modern Infrastructure

23 Jul 2018
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Modern infrastructure, is it valuable or just another buzzword? Organizations like Microsoft are working hard on this type of modern infrastructure with Remote Desktop services. But what is modern infrastructure? In this blog post, I will explain ...

Conflicted results with NVIDIA Tesla M10

15 Jun 2018
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

The use of an NVIDIA GPU in a centralized desktop environment is getting more common. More and more applications are using a GPU to render the graphics. Even applications like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are using these GPU’s. I’m currently rese...

EUC - State of the Union 2018 results are here!

25 May 2018
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Today VDI Like A Pro released the results of the End User Computing (EUC) State of the Union 2018 survey. These are results collected from a worldwide survey all about the EUC workspace. This information is very valuable to see where the market is...

The Modern Workspace by FRAME

29 Apr 2018
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

What is going to be the modern workspace? The fact is we are going to deal with legacy applications for a long time especially in larger enterprises. But what is the modern workspace and are there ways to already move towards a modern workspace? I...

Microsoft Desktop Bridge vs MSIX

15 Mar 2018
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Last week during the Microsoft Developers day the new package model MSIX has been announced. This is going to be the new model for all the applications, but what are the benefits compared to the current Desktop Bridge? In this blog post, I will sh...

How teams drop Code Quality

21 Feb 2018
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Code quality is a difficult discussion within many organizations. How can you find the balance between high-quality standards and delivering fast? The business needs new functionality yesterday and development are not delivering. I have seen the q...

Capturing VMware ESXtop performance data with PowerShell

18 Jan 2018
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Performance is a hot topic with the Intel security flaws Meltdown and Spectre. What is the impact of the patch on your environment? Is there enough server capacity available? Performance testing is key, and any valuable data helps to determine the...

Owner permissions on Mandatory profile with Windows 10

22 Dec 2017
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

It is common to use mandatory profiles on managed devices like Thin Clients, Fat Client or a VDI environment. During a deployment, I ran into the issue the “User profile cannot be loaded” while all security permissions are correct. This may becaus...


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