MDT Storage Driver not found on VMware

20 Sep 2016
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

When a reference image is up to date with the latest Windows updates, the deployment time will decrease tremendously. Trond Eirik Haavarstein has written an excellent blog post on how to create a reference image with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (...

Agile methodology in Enterprise IT

25 Aug 2016
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Agile is common within software development but not often used in Enterprise IT. But Agile is as much applicable on Enterprise IT as software development. The definition of Agile is “quick and well-coordinated in movement”. Adapting to changes aro...

Change VMware vGPU settings with PowerShell

29 Jul 2016
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Within larger organizations, centralized desktop with graphical performance is becoming a common use case. When building these of environments performance testing is crucial to get optimal user experience. During testing, it can occur you have to ...

Windows Container download issues

06 Jun 2016
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

As mentioned in my previous blog post my first attempt installing and configuring Windows Containers was not very successful. I experienced download issues of various Windows Container components and received messages like “Unable to download the ...

Hands-on: Windows Containers powered by Docker

10 May 2016
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Efficient use of computing resources can reduce a cost of hardware and maintenance within organizations. Back in the day virtualization made a big difference but is the containers technology going to make the same difference in the market? Microso...

Tweet Fader the Twitter plugin for WordPress

01 May 2016
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

A new version of Tweet Fader has been released which is the Twitter plugin for WordPress. Tweet Fader is a WordPress plugin including a widget that displays your latest tweets on your WordPress site. It is fully functional with the 1.1 API version...

Built-in Microsoft App-V in Windows 10

09 Apr 2016
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

It is known that Microsoft is going to integrate their application virtualization technology named Microsoft App-V within Windows 10. The integration is scheduled in the upcoming Redstone release for later this year. In the Insider Preview Windows...

VMware UEM application blocking

03 Apr 2016
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Security attacks in a managed desktop environment is always a threat. It is common within larger organizations to have a locked-down desktop environment to prevent accidental execution of malicious programs. On the 17th of March VMware released th...

Delayed application start times with VMware UEM and App-V

31 Mar 2016
Niels Geursen

User experience in centralized desktop environments is very important. If an application starts after 60 seconds this will have a big impact on the end user experience. This was identified when using VMware UEM in combination with Microsoft App-V....

Hands-on: Turbo Containers

21 Mar 2016
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

The application container technology promises to change the way that IT operations are carried out just as virtualization technology did a few years previously. Thanks to my fellow MVP Rory Monaghan I had the opportunity to try out Turbo which is ...


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